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OptiPLANT is a cloud-based system that empowers professional and non-professional data scientists to build high-quality predictive models for timely and optimised maintenance of the industrial machinery. The vision of OptiPLANT is to allow manufacturing industries and, in particular manufacturing SMEs that have access to limited human and financial resources, to set-up and deploy accurate and scalable predictive models that will help them optimise the maintenance activities and increase the quality of delivered products.

OptiPLANT allows industrial users to decide on the type of model they want to build by selecting between the available ML task including Classification, Regression and Time-series Forecasting. The user will be able to import the datasets that will be used for training the candidate models and visualise a wide range of performance metrics including accuracy, prediction/recall, ROC curve, AUC, and time duration. The user is then capable of selecting the best model or may let the system automatically decide which one performs best according to her/his preferences (e.g., the model with the highest accuracy values).

Application domains
Power Systems
Intellectual property rights
The MIT License (MIT)